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Mayco Industries, Inc., Lead Products and Fabrications, Commercial, and Industrial lead products
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Radiation Shielding Products

Download SpecificationsMAYCO Industries has been supplying radiation shielding materials to the industrial, medical, nuclear pharmacy and nuclear energy markets for over 30 years. We offer lead shielding products and services for both therapy and diagnostic applications including interlocking lead brick wall and ceiling systems and borated polyethylene. We also manufacture and distribute a full line of diagnostic download cad, rvt or rfa drawingsmaterials including lead lined wood doors, lead lined gypsum board, lead oxide glass, and sheet lead.

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Lead and some of its alloys are generally the most cost effective radiation shielding materials to protect against the effects of gamma rays and x-rays. The properties of lead shielding which make it an excellent shielding material are its density, high atomic number, high level of stability, ease of fabrication, high degree of flexibility in application, and its availability.

Mayco's x-ray shielding and radiation shielding are custom made for your application. We do have all materials in stock, so turnaround can be quick. Of course custom cast lead shielding work will take longer, but if it is to be fabricated from our lead sheet we can supply within a very short time period
For Specification Document relevant to CSI Section 13 4900 Click Here

Mayco also offers:Structural Laminated Steel Plate
Used in specific applications where heavy lead shielding is required and steel is required for integrity.

Down Load The Brochure For Radiation Shieldin 13 40 00 complianceSteel Laminated LeadSome additional applications for our sheet lead & lead bricks are:

Borated Polyethylene Neutron Shielding has long been used as medical and industrial neutron shielding. Borated Polyethylene is a light-weight, cost-effective and easily fabricated solution for a wide variety of neutron-shielding needs.

With a 5% boron by weight, Industrial Grade is effective in medical and other applications.