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Mayco Industries, Inc., Lead Products and Fabrications, Commercial, and Industrial lead products
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Lead Castings

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Industrial- Medical - Radiation - Nuclear

MAYCO Industries has been providing lead products and services to the nuclear energy sector for over 50 years. Lead pours in any size from ounces to 120,000 lbs. We are leaders in all types of structural lead pours including nuclear casks, nuclear storage containers, and hot cells as well as lead brick, pipe sleeves, and other cast lead elements. Our smaller castings are used in many industries, including medical equipment, x-ray systems and other radiation shielding instrumentation that requires precision casting.

We are leaders in all types of lead casting pours - medical, ballast, nuclear, bridge weights, elevator weights, custom products- with millions of pounds of cast lead per year.

Custom Cast Bridge / Elevators Weights
Bridge WeightBlock in place
These are 13,000# custom bridge epoxy painted weights.

MAYCO can meet your specifications and we will provide engineering assistance. We are precision leaders with millions of pounds per year of all lead casting types.

Call us with your specifications and we will provide engineering assistance, mold design assistance and fabrication onsite.

  • Weights
  • Counterweights
  • Instrumentation
  • Precision Castings
  • Large Castings
  • Nuclear castings
  • Custom Radiation Shielding Castings
  • Radiation Casks
  • Brick